My new series of artwork continues to explore the human form on wood panels. This organic surface allows me to mix bold, graphic colors with the fine line of a brush. I use both abstract and precise lines to mingle across the panels, thus revealing my subject, who then appears as a multi-layered sculpture.

My pieces are emotional, symbolic representations of people; some of whom I have known, and some are simply of a nameless face that once intrigued me. These grand portraits gaze directly into your eyes, and demand your attention. My work depicts a perspective of the human element that is often camouflaged in today's society, and by contrasting the beauty of nature with the darkness of humanity, the subjects seem to be trapped in a dreamlike state that many say is peaceful, yet unsettling.

I have pursued my love of art all the way through school, completing a BA in Fine Arts and Design from Chico State University. I currently reside in Fresno, CA and work as Art Director at JP Marketing. My artwork has been shown locally and across the country.